China supplier 50kg Dough Double Motor Double Speed Used Commercial Spiral Mixer with Hot selling

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With the largest variety of capacty from 25kg to 300kg, this line delivers nice opportunities to meet customer’s ask for for all sort of productions (corner’s bakers, supermarket, industrial bakeries).
All our mixers have 2 motors and the likelihood of reversing bowl rotation in 1 pace. Two electronical timers manage all the machine purpose. The time which has elapsed (minutes & seconds) can be very easily read through from the digital display.
At the end of a function cycle, the timers return to the values at first established for the CZPT cycle which has been immediately saved in memory. Owing to belt transmission of electricity, the machine noise amount is very minimal.

one. Stainless steel bowl and sprial arm
two. Two pace spiral arm with automated mixing time manage
three. Great CZPT to blend tiny and big portions.
4. Bowl are driven by 2 sets of friction wheels running the milled border of the bowls to increase the grip influence.


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Complete bakery equipment to make the toast, loaf, tin bread.Such as mixer, dough divider, moulder, proofer, oven and bread slicer.

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best option for you !!!


Complete bakery products to make the buns, hambuger, spherical bread.Such as mixer, dough divider rounder, proofer, oven and bread slicer.

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Complete bakery gear to make the baguette bread, french bread and prolonged bread.Like mixer, dough divider rounder, proofer, oven and bread slicer.

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Total bakery products to make the crossiant bread.Including mixer, dough divider rounder, proofer, oven and bread slicer.

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Business Profile

We are the professional manufacturer of baking machinery more than 30 experience in china and our primary items adhering to:

Full bakery equipment
Auto complete bakery line   (buns, hambuger, loaf, toast, bagutter crossiant, pizza, pita, cake and so on)
Baking oven   (Rotary rack oven, tunnel oven, deck oven, convection oven)
Spiral dough mixer  (Fixed bowl mixer, Self tipping bowl mixer, removeable bowl mixer)
Dough processing machine  (Dough divider, dough rounder, dough moulder, dough sheeter)
Spiral cooler tower
Planetary mixer 
Bread slicer
Water chiller
Baking components

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Kinds of Bevel Gears

Bevel Gears are utilised in a amount of industries. They are employed in wheeled excavators, dredges, conveyor belts, mill actuators, and rail transmissions. A bevel gear’s spiral or angled bevel can make it suited for confined spaces. It is also used in robotics and vertical supports of rolling mills. You can use bevel gears in foods processing procedures. For more info on bevel gears, study on.

Spiral bevel gear

Spiral bevel gears are used to transmit power among two shafts in a 90-diploma orientation. They have curved or indirect enamel and can be fabricated from numerous metals. Bestagear is one particular company specializing in medium to massive spiral bevel gears. They are utilised in the mining, metallurgical, marine, and oil fields. Spiral bevel gears are typically created from steel, aluminum, or phenolic components.
Spiral bevel gears have a lot of positive aspects. Their mesh enamel develop a considerably less abrupt pressure transfer. They are amazingly sturdy and are developed to last a extended time. They are also significantly less expensive than other proper-angle gears. They also tend to final lengthier, because they are manufactured in pairs. The spiral bevel equipment also lowers noise and vibration from its counterparts. Consequently, if you are in need of a new equipment established, spiral bevel gears are the proper decision.
The make contact with among spiral bevel equipment tooth occurs alongside the floor of the gear tooth. The make contact with follows the Hertz idea of elastic get in touch with. This theory retains for little important proportions of the contact area and tiny relative radii of curvature of the surfaces. In this circumstance, strains and friction are negligible. A spiral bevel equipment is a typical instance of an inverted helical gear. This equipment is generally employed in mining equipment.
Spiral bevel gears also have a backlash-absorbing attribute. This function aids safe the thickness of the oil movie on the equipment surface. The shaft axis, mounting distance, and angle errors all influence the tooth speak to on a spiral bevel gear. Changing backlash helps to proper these problems. The tolerances demonstrated earlier mentioned are frequent for bevel gears. In some instances, makers make slight layout adjustments late in the creation procedure, which minimizes the risk to OEMs.

Straight bevel gear

Straight bevel gears are among the least difficult kinds of gears to manufacture. The earliest approach utilized to manufacture straight bevel gears was to use a planer outfitted with an indexing head. Nevertheless, advancements have been produced in producing methods following the introduction of the Revacycle program and the Coniflex. The newest technological innovation enables for even more precise production. Equally of these manufacturing strategies are utilised by CZPT. Right here are some examples of straight bevel equipment producing.
A straight bevel equipment is made using two kinds of bevel surfaces, particularly, the Gleason strategy and the Klingelnberg method. Among the two, the Gleason method is the most common. In contrast to other types of gear, the CZPT method is not a universal regular. The Gleason system has higher top quality gears, given that its adoption of tooth crowning is the most efficient way to make gears that tolerate even little assembly problems. It also gets rid of the pressure focus in the bevelled edges of the enamel.
The gear’s composition depends on the application. When durability is needed, a gear is made of solid iron. The pinion is normally 3 instances harder than the equipment, which helps balance use. Other resources, this sort of as carbon metal, are cheaper, but are less resistant to corrosion. Inertia is another essential element to take into account, because heavier gears are a lot more difficult to reverse and end. Precision specifications might incorporate the equipment pitch and diameter, as well as the strain angle.
Involute geometry of a straight bevel gear is often computed by different the surface’s normal to the surface area. Involute geometry is computed by incorporating the floor coordinates and the theoretical tooth thickness. Utilizing the CMM, the spherical involute surface area can be utilized to figure out tooth contact patterns. This method is useful when a roll tester tooling is unavailable, since it can forecast the teeth’ get in touch with sample.

Hypoid bevel gear

Hypoid bevel gears are an productive and adaptable speed reduction remedy. Their compact dimension, substantial efficiency, reduced sound and warmth era, and extended life make them a common selection in the power transmission and motion control industries. The subsequent are some of the rewards of hypoid gearing and why you must use it. Listed beneath are some of the important misperceptions and bogus assumptions of this gear kind. These assumptions may seem to be counterintuitive at first, but will support you comprehend what this gear is all about.
The fundamental idea of hypoid gears is that they use two non-intersecting shafts. The more compact gear shaft is offset from the larger gear shaft, permitting them to mesh with no interference and assistance every single other securely. The resulting torque transfer is improved when compared to conventional gear sets. A hypoid bevel equipment is employed to drive the rear axle of an vehicle. It raises the versatility of machine style and allows the axes to be freely altered.
In the initial scenario, the mesh of the two bodies is acquired by fitting the hyperboloidal cutter to the sought after gear. Its geometric qualities, orientation, and place figure out the sought after equipment. The latter is utilised if the preferred gear is sound-free of charge or is necessary to reduce vibrations. A hyperboloidal cutter, on the other hand, meshes with two toothed bodies. It is the most productive option for modeling hypoid gears with sound concerns.
The major distinction among hypoid and spiral bevel gears is that the hypoid bevel gear has a greater diameter than its counterparts. They are typically located in 1:1 and 2:1 applications, but some manufacturers also provide larger ratios. A hypoid gearbox can achieve speeds of three thousand rpm. This can make it the chosen choice in a selection of applications. So, if you happen to be hunting for a gearbox with a substantial effectiveness, this is the gear for you.

Addendum and dedendum angles

The addendum and dedendum angles of a bevel equipment are used to describe the form and depth of the tooth of the equipment. Every single tooth of the gear has a slightly tapered surface area that changes in depth. These angles are defined by their addendum and dedendum distances. Addendum angle is the distance amongst the best land and the base surface area of the tooth, while dedendum angle is the distance in between the pitch surface area and the bottom surface area of the enamel.
The pitch angle is the angle formed by the apex level of the gear’s pitch cone with the pitch line of the equipment shaft. The dedendum angle, on the other hand, is the depth of the tooth room below the pitch line. Each angles are employed to measure the shape of a bevel gear. The addendum and dedendum angles are crucial for gear style.
The dedendum and addendum angles of a bevel gear are decided by the base speak to ratio (Mc) of the two gears. The involute curve is not allowed to increase within the base diameter of the bevel gear. The base diameter is also a vital measurement for the layout of a equipment. It is feasible to lessen the involute curve to match the involute curve, but it need to be tangential to the involute curve.
The most typical software of a bevel equipment is the automotive differential. They are employed in a lot of varieties of cars, including automobiles, trucks, and even development tools. They are also used in the maritime industry and aviation. Aside from these two typical makes use of, there are numerous other utilizes for bevel gears. And they are nevertheless growing in acceptance. But they are a valuable element of automotive and industrial gearing systems.

Purposes of bevel gears

Bevel gears are used in a selection of applications. They are created of different components dependent on their excess weight, load, and application. For large-load apps, ferrous metals this sort of as gray forged iron are used. These components have exceptional put on resistance and are inexpensive. For reduce-bodyweight programs, metal or non-metals such as plastics are utilised. Some bevel equipment materials are regarded as noiseless. Below are some of their most frequent utilizes.
Straight bevel gears are the easiest to manufacture. The earliest technique of producing them was with a planer with an indexing head. Present day production methods launched the Revacycle and Coniflex programs. For industrial gear production, the CZPT uses the Revacycle method. Nevertheless, there are a lot of sorts of bevel gears. This guidebook will assist you pick the appropriate materials for your following undertaking. These resources can face up to high rotational speeds and are very robust.
Bevel gears are most common in automotive and industrial equipment. They connect the driveshaft to the wheels. Some even have a forty five-degree bevel. These gears can be placed on a bevel surface and be examined for their transmission capabilities. They are also used in testing programs to make sure appropriate movement transmission. They can reduce the speed of straight shafts. Bevel gears can be utilised in a lot of industries, from maritime to aviation.
The simplest type of bevel equipment is the miter equipment, which has a 1:1 ratio. It is utilised to adjust the axis of rotation. The shafts of angular miter bevel gears can intersect at any angle, from forty five degrees to one hundred twenty levels. The teeth on the bevel equipment can be straight, spiral, or Zerol. And as with the rack and pinion gears, there are diverse sorts of bevel gears.

China supplier 50kg Dough Double Motor Double Speed Used Commercial Spiral Mixer     with Hot sellingChina supplier 50kg Dough Double Motor Double Speed Used Commercial Spiral Mixer     with Hot selling